Risk Management for Male BRCA1 or BRCA2 Mutation Carrier

These recommendations are for men who have NOT been affected by a relevant cancer. Individualised surveillance should be made for affected men based on their own post treatment plan.

Cancer BRCA1 mutation carrier risk to 70 yrs BRCA2 mutation carrier risk to 70 yrs BRCA2 mutation carrier risk to 70 yrs
Breast 1.2%
(0.22 – 2.8)
~ 7%
(3.2 – 12)
Prostate 8.6% 15% 5.9%
Melanoma not increased <5% 2.5%
Pancreatic risk may be increased risk may be increased <1%

Pancreatic cancer risk is significantly associated with smoking

Breast Recommendations

Chest awareness and pectoral palpation on a regular basis
Risk Reducing Medications

No evidence
Risk Reducing Surgery
Not applicable

Prostate Recommendations

Consider annual PSA and digital rectal examination from early 40s

Pancreas Recommendations


  • No evidence of benefit from surveillance
  • Avoid smoking

Melanoma Recommendations


  • Skin cancer awareness
  • Avoid sun exposure and encourage liberal use of sun block