Genetic Counsellors Awareness Day

3D illustration of a method of DNA sequencing.

Genetic Counsellor Awareness Day November 8th – Australasian Society of Genetic Counsellors

Decades have gone by since we were first promised that genetics would revolutionise medicine. The cost of genetic sequencing has fallen, the ability to make sense of all the data has grown … and suddenly genetics is moving out of its niche role and into mainstream medicine. Both social media and traditional media are filled with information about all the genetic tests available and the latest genetic revolution. You can’t help but wonder whether you should be tested and what the results might mean.

So where do you turn? Genetic counsellors are the professionals who can help guide you.

Genetic Counsellors are a growing group of Allied Health Professionals leading the way in providing support, information and guidance to patients and families about genetics and genetic testing.
“Many people are unaware of how Genetic Counsellors could help them, and many who might benefit from seeing a genetic counsellor may not know we exist,” said Laura Yeates, Chairperson of the Australasian Society of Genetic Counsellors (ASGC). “Genetic counsellors have specialised training in genetics and counselling and play a vital role in helping individuals and families understand the impact of inherited conditions. We can provide support and guidance on whether genetic testing may or may not be right for you and help you make informed choices about your healthcare.”

The Australian Society of Genetic Counsellors reports more than 240 Genetic Counsellors working across Australia and New Zealand.

Genetic counsellors work in many areas of medicine, including cancer, prenatal, cardiology, neurology, infertility, paediatric and adult.

Many work directly with patients in various healthcare settings, while others do research or work in education, public health or in industry settings.

November 8 is Genetic Counsellor Awareness Day, the perfect time to answer some questions about this growing and important profession.

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