• nib NZ Offers Members Genetic Testing to Help Treat Ovarian Cancer
    Women with ovarian cancer can now access genetic testing services in the private health system to help determine their best course of treatment, following a first-ever partnership between nib New Zealand and the New Zealand Family Cancer Service.

  • Genetic Counsellors Awareness Day
    Happy Genetic Counsellor Awareness Day! Today we highlight our members who are genetic counsellors. The work they do in clinics, labs and research help people better understand their health, and make a difference in the future of personalised medicine.
  • World class doctors arrive to talk about gynaecologic cancers
    Endometrial cancer (cancer of the lining of the womb) is the most common gynaecological cancer in the world. Gynaecological Oncologist Dr Ai Ling Tan from Auckland met with Professor Karen Lu from MD Anderson Clinical […]
  • Oncogenetics for the Generalist
    Excerpt from a presentation on oncogenetics given by Dr Ai Ling Tan. The presentations aim was to give clinicians a perspective of the emerging and ever-growing field of cancer genetics and its implications on daily […]